Typical Features of an eBook

Some typical eBook features are:

  • Flexible Layout: eBooks do not have a rigid layout as in PDF format. They are free-flowing flexible content that will adapt to any form-factor (screen-size of a reading device).
  • Linearity: Images and content, if in multiple columns, is placed in a single-column linear order.
  • Fonts: Font types and size are not embedded as these are governed by the choice of the user on a reading device.
  • Hyperlinking: Table of content, footnotes, endnotes, external hyperlinks are linked.
  • Navigation: is set as per the format specifications for ePUB or Kindle.
  • Index: Since eBook Reading Systems have in-built search functionality, index is generally not required.
  • Graphics/ Illustrations: are re-sized to suit eBooks. Colored images can easily be inserted in eBooks and will not cost anything extra.