NextGen Learning

Digital Media Initiatives offers powerful and proven production and DRM delivery infrastructure for your educational content delivered under personalized learning reference framework.

  • PDF to XML transformation in a seamless workflow
  • Rapid conversion to EPUB 3.0 and Kindle formats
  • Efficient multi-channel DRM protected delivery
  • Secured Cloud Readers for delivering content
  • DRM protected delivery through your own website or other education channels
  • Integration with LMS in IMS/SCORM formats
  • NIMAS 1.1 Conversion

Multiple Formats and Format Options

Source Files

Our seamless production platform accepts XHTML or XML formats of structured content prepared from PDF files. The source files are prepared in a simple and effective manner such that they become instantly useful for processing and transformation to multiple formats required by different set of clients of academic content across the world.

Production Integration

Much of the digital production is recommended in-house by a publisher. We support your in-house team understand the process and attain easier and faster turnaround for your academic projects.

Protected Delivery

Once the digital formats are ready for your educational content, we offer multiple ways to deliver it – be it students as individuals or schools and institutions. There are multiple ways to deliver – Online Reading System, EPUB and Kindle formats, Digital Talking Books, XML for Braille, E-Learning, individual chapters as learning objects, or customized books required by professors. We support you will different revenue models – licensing or per unit downloads – all under the DRM secured delivery of your premium academic content.

Powerful Features for Students

Courtesy: Perfection Learning, USA

School Library Channels

We deliver EPUB and PDF/A format content to schools and institutions under a Library Rental Licensing model.

Read Online

Our Cloud EPUB Reader allows secured delivery of content to be read online.

EPUB and Apps

EPUB and Apps targeted at iOS and Android systems in fixed-layout formats for highly illustrated academic content can be delivered through DRM channels. We support you develop and deliver the enhanced content that is engaging to the audience.

For NIMAS Conversions, please visit: NIMAS.