“Antrik ExPress” is an imprint of Digital Media Initiatives, the leading service providers in the domain of e-publishing.
Self-publish your book on Antrik ExPress Publishing Platform – world’s leading ePublishing platform for authors and publishers.

  • Advanced eBooks Production Support

    Antrik ExPress offers state-of-the-art production workflow for industry-grade eBooks production in multiple formats.

  • Revision Management & Future Proof Archiving of Content

    You get an XML format to archive for future as an additional format. You can easily modify and revise your eBook edition as you are in full control of this format. This XML format can also be used to produce Print-PDF files for printing and can be imported in to major desktop publishing programs.

  • Global Distribution

    We offer global distribution of EPUB and PDF/A secured formats.

  • Quickest Time-to-Market

    Our distribution channel is ONIX for Books (Release 3) compliant and deliveres your title to the retail supply chain in less than 24 hours.

  • Earn 70% Revenue

    Earn best revenue levels in India. There are tax deductions for rest of the world. Consider a billion people market in India.

  • Multilingual Publishing

    We offer production and distribution of eBooks in all languages, including all Indic languages.

  • Read on Multiple eReading Devices

    We do not restrict distribution to a single devices. We enable you distribute to multitudes of supported devices and platforms.

  • Security and Copyrights Protection

    We offer best-in-line security and digital rights management rendering of your valuable publications.

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