Publisher Integration

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ePubNow! is a premium online automated ePUB and Kindle formats production system. Visit <> for more details.

 Automated ePUB and Kindle formats transformation from XHTML

 DocBook XML v5.0 can be used as a source format

 Proven Quality Assured Consistent Output

 Rapid Production System

 Revision Management and Corrections Management

 Layout can be improved by modifying CSS

 Multiple Languages

 Fonts can be embedded in an ePUB, while Kindle format shows up the foreign entity (UTF-8)

 Thousands of eBooks have been produced for reputed publishers using the ePUBNow! system

 Can be integrated with current production workflow of publishers and the whole process of picking up source files and delivery of ePUB and Kindle files is entirely automatic and rapid

Digital Media Initiatives has served many reputed publishing houses for many years and has an impeccable reputation and service quality standards. Please discuss your digital publishing, distribution, retail and library needs with us today! Send a mail to