DRM Protection

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Are you looking for innovative ways to distribute your digital books? Digital Media Initiatives is a distributor for several publishers through Digital Media Reserve <http://digitalmediareserve.com>, a digital warehouse that provides a safekeep of digital assets and secured downloads to many individual readers, retailers, libraries and schools.

 Secured Warehousing

 Metadata Creation

 Digital Rights Management (DRM – PDF/A and ePUB)

 Sales Reports

 Customized Innovative Publishing and DRM distribution Solutions

 Open to Authors/ Self Publishers, Publishers, Academic Organizations, NGOs, and Corporates

You simply have to upload your digital books to Digital Media Reserve’s secured repository which serves as a digital warehouse. Digital Media Initiatives takes care of your content and secured deliveries, thus, making your premium content accessible to multiples of channels safely and easily.

Digital Media Initiatives has served many reputed publishing houses for many years and has an impeccable reputation and service quality standards. Please discuss your digital publishing, distribution, retail and library needs with us today! Send a mail toebooks@epubnow.com.