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Digital Media Reserve
We specialize in offering authors and publishers with efficient & competitive solutions to enable unleash their traditional content in to standards based eBook formats.
Digital Media Initiatives is a distributor for publishers through Digital Media Reserve, a digital warehouse that provides a safekeep of digital assets and DRM protected downloads to readers, retailers, libraries and schools.
Digital Media Initiatives offers proven platform to promote & distribute eBooks in ePUB and PDF/A formats.
Kindle Format
EPUB Format (EPUB 3.0 compliant)
PDF/A Format
Metadata Creation
Embedded Font PDFs
Fixed Layout EPUB
Kindle Format 8 (HTML 5.0 Support)
Image based or Scanned PDFs
Print Books
Secured Warehousing
Metadata Creation
Digital Rights Management (DRM – PDF/A and ePUB)
Sales Reports
Customized Innovative Publishing and DRM distribution Solutions
Open to Authors/ Self Publishers, Publishers, Academic Organizations, NGOs, and Corporates
Hosted eBooks Retail Solution
DRM Fulfillment Service
Customized to Retailer/ Publisher requirement
Platform Independent – State-of-the-art technology platform
Online Retail Bookstores
Online Library Systems
DMR Workflow