Quickest Time-to-Market

Digital Media Reserve takes your eBooks to the retail channel (Antrik.com) very fast.

When an eBook inventory is uploaded to the Digital Media Reserve and activated for sales, after all title data has been duly filled-in, the details are forwarded for a review and it is in less than 24 hours, your eBooks become live and start doing business.

The books must follow the following Content Policy:

Content Policy

Publishers being the Content Providers using Antrik ExPress are responsible for following all the local, national, or international laws governing the content of the eBook

The following content is unacceptable and submitting or posting said content in the eBook file, cover image, or eBook Data will result in immediate termination of the account of the Publisher:

  • Pornography: Hard-core material that depicts graphic or explicit sexual acts.
  • Libelous Material: Material that intentionally harms or has the potential to harm an individual or a third party.
  • Copyright Infringing: Material to which the publisher do not own the copyright or the right to distribute.
  • Public domain content may be posted to Antrik ExPress Application, however, Antrik ExPress may, at any time, request validation that a given eBook qualifies as a public domain title.
  • Advertisements: Material contained within the eBook that primarily seeks to sell a product other than the eBook itself.
  • eBook Data: The information that describes eBook (Title Data) will also subject to this Content Policy.

The data points such as Request for action (i.e.: “If you like this book, please write me a review.”). and Advertisements or promotional material (including author events, seminars, etc.) are not permitted in the eBook Data.