ePublishing Integration

Digital Media Initiatives is a leading total service digital books production and protected eBooks distribution platform. It offers a large genre of eBooks crafted to the highest quality standards. The Antrik eBookstore has a global reach and it offers eBooks in EPUB and PDF/A formats which can be read on numerous handheld devices, PCs and Macs.

Author & Publisher Services

Digital Media Initiatives is the leading service providers in the domain of e-publishing.

Antrik ExPres is an express workflow for self-publishers offering:

  1. Conversion service to popular eBooks formats – EPUB 3.0, Kindle (incl. KF8), PDF/A and customized fixed-format ebooks;
  2. Publisher Frontend e-Publishing Integration services for progressive publishers;
  3. DRM protected eBooks Warehousing; and
  4. DRM protected eBooks Retail.

End-to-end E-Publishing Services

Authors can publish rapidly both in print and eBooks using comprehensive services of Antrik ExPress Publishing Programme.

Rapid Self-Publishing – Both in eBooks and in Print Books. When you have your manuscript ready to be published, you can create a free account with Antrik ExPress and upload a copy in Word/ OpenOffice Writer format. Antrik ExPress Production Team will evaluate the file(s) and process for eBooks and POD production.

International Quality – eBooks and print books produced by Antrik ExPress. The eBooks will be produced in two formats – EPUB and Kindle.

Wide Distribution – eBooks are distributed through DRM protected channels. Print Books are distributed through major online distribution channels. Both formats will be distributed by Antrik ExPress online. Print books will also be distributed through the major distribution channels in India. You need to sign a sales & distribution agreements with Antrik ExPress.

Higher Royalties – Antrik ExPress offers best in the industry royalties to pass on the financial benefits of our technology to the creator or the rights holder.

Never Out of Print – Your titles – weather in eBooks formats or in a printed book form – is never out of print. It shall be delivered as and when demand arises. You will also be able to revise your title(s) very easily and very quickly.

Publisher Support – You get best advice from our experts to manage your titles with Antrik ExPress. You cam always approach a community to address the issues that concern you.