Culture & Values

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Organizational culture is the personality of the organization. Culture is comprised of the values of organization members and their behaviors.


The values of an organization communicate “what we stand for” and “what is important to us”.


Our processes and decisions are guided by ethics and integrity. We are truthful and honest in all that we say and do. We do not hesitate to communicate achievement as well as failures. We build trust through our ethical behavior and our respect for confidentiality and Intellectual property.

Mutual Respect

We respect diversity of ideas and views. We believe in civility in the workplace, and fairness in dealings. “What” and “Why” is more important than “Who”. We trust everyone’s involvement, competence, and commitment. We foster team working, and can manage conflicts.


We will continuously challenge status quo, and break away from convention. We will strive for innovative ways to improve, and take quantum leaps in our customer delivery and internal work practices. We will think “out of the box” to derive novel solutions.


We will strive for perfection in all that we do. We will work to achieve quality through diligence, precision, and an eye for detail. Our work will carry the stamp of highest professional standards.


Being involved and empowered, we take initiative, responsibility and accountability for our roles. We walk the extra mile with enthusiasm for the success of the organization. We treat the Company’s success as our own, and our decisions are guided by the broader interests of the organization.


The values guide the behaviors that support an organization’s mission and vision.[/notification]

Customer Oriented

We will stretch to delight our customers in all our interactions and deliverables. Customer satisfaction takes the highest priority in our actions. Our processes and structures shall recognize the primacy of the customer. Delighted customers are the reasons for our existence.

Performance driven

We are achievement oriented and deliver on our commitments. We are proactive and assertive in our approach. We encourage initiative and decisive action driving results. We believe that our superior performance gives us a competitive edge.

Continuous learning & improvement

We will be a learning organization continuously improving our knowledge, skills and competencies. We will have systems, structures and technology that support continuous improvement in all aspects of our work and our knowledge base. We will be innovative and creative to eliminate waste and continuously improve our processes and deliverables.


We will be willing to accept change as the only constant. We will have the ability to adapt our processes and behaviors in line with business needs.

Communicate effectively

We will have open communication channels across all organization levels. We will be honest direct and forthright with our information and views without being disrespectful. We will have the right to speak and be heard and also the responsibility to listen. We will deal with our customers and associates with the same honesty and forthrightness. Our customers should perceive warmth in our communication, and feel “important”.

Maximize potential

We will inspire and motivate all around us to give their best at all times. We will develop people through knowledge sharing and upgrading their skills and competencies. We will expect all to challenge them to achieve their full potential. We believe that our success is linked to developing high performance individuals.