Cardamom CMS

Cardamom© Content Management System is a comprehensive scalable solution to address the needs of a variety of online applications.

  • Schools
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Small & Medium Business Enterprises
  • Simple Web Applications
  • Authors
  • Publishers

Cardamom [Content Management System]© is written in PHP and is a platform-independent Web application. Easily configurable, its has numerous features, which can be listed as below:


  • Platform Independent: Easily runs on Windows & Linux alike.
  • Database Abstraction Layer: ADODB database abstraction layer connects the Web application to any database – Oracle, postgreSQL, MySQL and others.
  • e-Security: Cardamon CMS is tested for e-security and hackers can not penetrate the system layers.
  • Scalable Design:
    • Static Pages: Static HTML pages can be designed online easily using a WYSIWYG Editor.
    • Dynamic Pages: Modules can be selected to create & manage dynamic pages.
    • Navigation: Very flexible Navigation Module allows different types of navigation – simple navigation as well as dual layer navigation schemes.
    • Images can be uploaded and used on any page on the Web site.
  • User Management: Registrations & Permissions can be handled dynamically. Therefore, there can be several users of the CMS each having a defined role.
  • Community Management: Cardamom [Content Management System] has an inbuilt capability to manage communities and organize e-mail campaigns as desired.
  • Newsletter Management: Newsletters can be generated on-the-fly using any of the contents available on the Web site.
  • E-Commerce Integration: Cardamom [Content Management System] can handle products & inventories integrated to an ordering & order fulfillment mechanism, thereby offering full-fledged e-Business integration, if required.
  • XML Uploads: Data can be uploaded in XML formats. Cardamom [Content Management System] has strong capabilities to process XML.
  • Excel Uploads: Data can also be uploaded in Excel format.
  • Cardamom [Content Management System] can be offered as a hosted solution as well.