Best Practices

Business Continuity Management System

After establishing in 2000, we have been continuously servicing the international publishing industry, evolving best practices, automation, standards, and methods and processes that would analyze and minimize the risks. We have been investing in the Business Continuity Management System as we are fast approaching our ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security System Certification.

To mitigate risk and ensure continuity, we have spread our resources over to many worldwide locations. We also have a robust Crisis Management Teams looking after documents, data and systems at our different offices. Each of our office is secure and have appropriate environmental control systems to protect data of our clients.

Multiple Redundancies

We maintain multiple levels of redundancies in probable situations of power failures, Internet disruptions, fire hazards, data loss, etc. Critical data is backed-up regularly and stored safely.


Strong e-Security measures are taken to handle data between our multiple location network of offices. Data is secured using globally-recognized encryption mechanisms. Within the Local Area Network (LAN), security is provided via 2nd level firewall solutions as well as Virtual LAN (VLAN) set-ups.