About Us

Digital Media Initiatives is a privately-held technology integration company with impeccable reputation in the verticals of digital publishing, education and financial integration.

We have a team of senior software engineers with profound background (over 20 years) in core banking software development and e-security. We have over 10 years of experience in designing, deploying and executing SaaS solutions based on the state-of-the-art technology platforms and our dedicated teams work in a distributed environment.

We offer best value and believe in long-term relationship building by working in close synergy with our clients world-wide.

Mission Statement

To be enablers of Innovative, cost effective, robust technology solutions in the span of publishing, education, sustainability and energy conservation, and finance.

Vision Statement

To fulfil the Social Development Goals by initiating technology projects aimed:

  • To promote transformational initiatives focused at holistic social development, by providing consulting services in technology set-up and implementing global best business practices.
  • To promote low cost technology innovations with significant social impact.
  • To promote technology and process outsourcing which provide Digital Publishing, Educational Technology, and Micro Financing services.
  • To promote technology projects, which help generate energy through alternate sources and other projects in promoting sustainability.

Quality Policy

Digital Media Initiatives practices Continual Improvement to achieve Customer Delight by providing Customer-Centric, Cost-Effective, Timely and Qualitative Software Solutions.


  • 2005, Leading e-publishing technology company founded
  • 2008, Launched NetGalley.com at BookExpo America, LA
  • 2008, Launched ePubNow! at AEP Summit, Washington DC
  • 2009, Worked with Random House, Inc. NY on XML workflow
  • 2010, Digital Media Reserve (SaaS)
  • 2011, Antrik dot com – Retail System (SaaS)
  • 2012, Antrik ExPress – Self-Publishing Service (SaaS)
  • 2013, ONIX Master – Metadata Solution (SaaS)
  • 2014, Walk of Hope – Social Initiative to promote Interfaith Peace and Harmony
  • 2016-17, Educational Technology integrated with Secured Wallet Solution (SaaS)

Technology Architecture

  • PostgreSQL
  • PHP
  • XML
  • SOAP
  • Apache HTTP
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Android
  • iOS