Welcome to Digital Media Initiatives

Digital Media Initiatives is a privately-held technology integration company with impeccable reputation in the verticals of Digital Publishing, Education and Financial Technology Integration.

We have a team of senior software engineers with profound background (over 20 years) in core banking software development and e-security. We have over 10 years of experience in designing, deploying and executing SaaS solutions based on the state-of-the-art technology platforms and our dedicated teams work in a distributed environment.

We offer best value and believe in long-term relationship building by working in close synergy with our clients world-wide.

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End-to-end E-Publishing Platform & Services by the industry leader:

Digital Media Initiatives is a trusted eBooks production and conversion house that is serving over 1000 publishers and authors around the world.

We are grateful to hundreds of authors, self-publishers and large publishing houses those have entrusted us with production and conversion of their eBooks in EPUB, Kindle, PDF/A formats and Print-PDFs for POD. We deliver an impeccable quality every time and warranty any errors till the editions have been perfected.

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Antrik ExPress is an express workflow for publishers and self-publishers:

1. Conversion to popular eBooks formats:

  • EPUB 2.0 and EPUB 3.0;
  • Fixed-format EPUB for iPad;
  • Kindle, KF8;
  • Fixed-format Kindle edition for Kindle Fire & Kindle Fire HD;
  • PDF/A; and POD-ready Print PDF;
  • NIMAS 1.1 (National Instructional Material Accessibility Standard).

2. Publishing Integration SaaS Model  for progressive publishers —

White Label eBookstore built around Adobe Content Server
for distribution and retail of your eBooks (in EPUB and PDF/A formats)
through your own Website;

  1. DRM protected eBooks Distribution & Warehousing; and
  2. DRM protected eBooks Retail.